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Blue Wave Concussion Center

At Blue Wave Concussion Center in Tampa Bay, we specialize in comprehensive concussion diagnosis and treatment. Our experienced team utilizes various therapeutic approaches to support your recovery. Our concussion center offers personalized care that may include nutritional counseling, vestibular rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, headache management, and even dry needling. With a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to address each patient’s unique needs and promote their safe return to learn and play after a concussion.

Dr. Audrey Paul, M.D., Ph.D., FACEP, FAAP

Meet the Medical Director

Meet Dr. Audrey Paul, the esteemed medical director for both Blue Wave Pediatrics Walk-in and Blue Wave Concussion Centers. With an extensive background in emergency medicine, Dr. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our concussion practice. Since a majority of concussions occur during sports-related activities, children are common patients for concussion therapy, although she has extensive experience with resolving concussions for all ages. Our concussion doctor in Tampa Bay is double-boarded in pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine and has received extensive training specifically in concussion diagnosis and management. Dr. Paul is a recognized lecturer and researcher dedicated to providing exceptional care and advancing the field of pediatric medicine.


Concussion Treatment

Expert Therapy to Support Your Recovery

We specialize in comprehensive diagnosis at our concussion center. Our experienced team utilizes various therapeutic approaches to support your recovery. We provide personalized care that may include nutritional counseling, vestibular rehabilitation, exercise rehabilitation, cognitive rehabilitation, headache management, and even dry needling. With a multidisciplinary approach, we aim to address each patient’s unique needs and promote their safe return to learn and play after a concussion.


Comprehensive Baseline Testing

ImPACT Testing to Better Monitor Your Child's Cognitive Health

At Blue Wave Concussion Center, we prioritize proactive concussion management through comprehensive baseline testing and ImPACT testing. Our concussion doctor in Tampa Bay conducts thorough evaluations, collaborating with teachers, coaches, and athletic trainers to gather crucial information. With ImPACT, we establish a baseline measurement of your child’s cognitive and physical abilities, enabling more accurate post-injury comparisons. This allows us to provide precise care, monitor recovery progress, and make informed return-to-learn and return-to-play recommendations.


Post-Concussion Syndrome Treatment

At Blue Wave Concussion Center in Clearwater, we understand the importance of post-concussion syndrome treatment. Our dedicated team offers advanced therapies to address the lingering effects of concussions, including persistent headaches, dizziness, cognitive difficulties, mood swings, and sensitivity to light or noise. Prompt diagnosis and tailored treatment plans are vital to manage post-concussion syndrome effectively. Our treatment options include nutritional counseling, exercise regimens, cognitive rehabilitation, headache management, and more. Contact us today for a personalized consultation and the help you need during your journey to recovery.


Return to Play & Return to Learn Protocols

We Offer Thorough Monitoring of Your Child's Progress

At Blue Wave Concussion Center, we follow evidence-based protocols for a safe return to routine activities after a concussion. Our expert team follows up after any treatment is done, to provide a thorough assessment and monitoring of your child’s progress and determine when it is safe to resume sports activities and academic pursuits. We collaborate closely with parents, teachers, coaches, and school administrators to ensure a smooth transition to daily routines while prioritizing your child’s well-being. At our concussion center in Tampa Bay, we aim to support their optimal recovery and minimize the risk of further injury.


Real Patient Reviews

Bar EshelBar Eshel
14:27 26 Mar 24
Had a great experience with my kids. Went as a walk in and was in and out in an hour.
22:08 22 Mar 24
So awesome, i’ve been here twice with my one year-old daughter, and everyone who works here is beyond friendly and has awesome bedside manner. The inside is brand new and super cute. 10 times better than my last pediatrician!
Kristy FerrellKristy Ferrell
15:28 18 Mar 24
Jessica AllbrittenJessica Allbritten
19:15 09 Mar 24
This place is amazing. We met with the NP who was very helpful in finding out what was wrong with my child and offering treatment options. There was no wait. Place was clean. The nurse at the front desk was so nice too. Everyone was so welcoming. Highly recommend Blue Wave.
Danielle VeroDanielle Vero
18:22 08 Mar 24
Visiting Florida when my little guy woke up not feeling great. We found this place and are glad we did. They are so friendly and accommodating and were able to see us right away.
Ashtyn GoodAshtyn Good
21:48 15 Feb 24
This clinic was great! I had to take my 10 month old son yesterday an hour before they closed and they were nothing but helpful! It wasn't crowded at all probably due to the late visit so they were quick and efficient for us. I believe they are still working with insurance contracts since they are still so new but if you are in network with them this is a great option for after hours or regular hours care for you little ones!
Sarah StoutSarah Stout
00:14 14 Feb 24
We just left the office and it was a wonderful experience! It seems we found the practice we were looking for! My family chooses to do an alternative vaccine schedule and we didn’t feel pressured when discussing this. My 16 month old felt very at ease with all of the friendly staff. Nurse practitioner Donna was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. The owner, office manager, and receptionist are super nice. They offer walk in sick visits, primary care, weekend and evening hours. They even have pediatric physical therapy and mommy and me yoga! What more can you ask for?!
Emilio BalrenoEmilio Balreno
17:32 02 Feb 24
We drove by this building almost every day while it was being renovated so when we saw it had opened, we took our daughter there to try it out.There was ZERO line, which was surprising even for a brand new pediatric office because so many other places in town are either not accepting new patients or have long wait times.The spaces are decorated in a way that made my daughter feel like she was at an indoor playground instead or a scary doctor office. About an hour after we left my kid said she wanted to go back, which is the first time she has ever said that about a medical office.The lady at the front desk and the nurse who saw my daughter were both friendly and good with her. A lot of the medical equipment has animals and bright colors to make them less intimidating.The only thing I noticed in retrospect is they did not discuss pricing upfront and when we were done they charged us $150. I see from one of the other reviews that another parent was quoted $70 upfront and then ended up being charged over $100 at the end of the visit and was told it was based on time the provider is with the kid. The actual nurse was with our kid for about 10 minutes. So their pricing model not being transparent is about the only downside.
Julianne ShermanJulianne Sherman
20:41 15 Jan 24
I've taken my kids here twice now and both times we had a great experience. My 3 year old needed stitches removed from her finger and that went great. My 4 year old has been not feeling well for awhile so I brought her in to get checked out. All the staff have been very helpful and friendly both times we were here and were very sweet with my kids as well. I will definitely come back again.
Brittany BartilsonBrittany Bartilson
19:04 15 Dec 23
We went here for an allergic reaction to a sting. The service was so prompt and both the nurse and the doctor were so kind and efficient. Explained everything thoroughly, gave us options and got us in and out quickly. Would absolutely recommend.

Telehealth Services

Blue Wave Concussion Center provides telemedicine options for baseline testing, diagnosis, management, and clearance. This convenient telehealth service is particularly beneficial for assessing your child’s condition while they’re at school or in situations where they do not have access to a concussion specialist.

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Comprehensive Concussion Management at Blue Wave

Blue Wave Concussion Center provides exceptional care for concussion diagnosis and treatment. If you or a loved one are experiencing concussion symptoms or require specialized care, we invite you to schedule a consultation. Our comprehensive approach and personalized treatment plans ensure the best possible outcomes for your recovery. Take the first step toward healing and regaining your quality of life by contacting us today to schedule your consultation at our concussion center in Tamba Bay.

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