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Comprehensive Baseline Testing & Assessment
in Tampa Bay

Welcome to Blue Wave Concussion Center, where we prioritize the well-being and recovery of individuals who have experienced concussions. Our center offers comprehensive baseline testing and assessment services to provide a thorough understanding of each patient’s cognitive abilities, balance, and visual function. If you or a family member engage in sports or activities that have a risk of concussions, it’s extremely important to start with accurate information. We offer state-of-the-art concussion testing in Tampa Bay including baseline testing and assessment. Your recovery starts with a strong foundation at Blue Wave Concussion Center.

Comprehensive Baseline Testing

Comprehensive baseline testing is a crucial pre-season examination conducted by trained healthcare professionals at Blue Wave Concussion Center. This assessment evaluates an athlete’s balance, brain function, and the presence of any concussion symptoms. It measures cognitive abilities such as learning, memory, attention, concentration, and problem-solving speed. The results serve as a reference point for future comparisons in case of a suspected concussion during the season.

Football player who has gotten baseline concussion testing and recovered from a concussion in Tampa Bay.

ImPACT Certified Testing

Blue Wave Concussion Center offers ImPACT-certified testing in Clearwater, utilizing an FDA-cleared online tool for baseline and post-injury assessments. This assessment measures various factors, such as visual and verbal memory, reaction time, and processing speed. By analyzing the results, our healthcare professionals can make informed decisions regarding the safe return of patients to their activities. ImPACT concussion testing in Tampa Bay can be conveniently completed online within 20 minutes using a computer or laptop with an internet connection. Once a concussion has occurred, speed of diagnosis can be crucial. Thus we use technology that can produce immediate results and comparisons to assist in resolving concussions.

Brainscope EEG Testing

At Blue Wave Concussion Center, we utilize Brainscope EEG testing as part of our comprehensive assessment. This non-invasive test measures the electrical activity in the brain to evaluate brain function and detect abnormalities associated with concussions. By analyzing the EEG patterns, our healthcare professionals gain valuable insights into the extent of the injury and guide appropriate treatment protocols. Brainscope EEG testing provides a valuable tool in accurately diagnosing and managing concussions for optimal recovery.

SCOAT 6/SCAT 6 Testing

The Sports Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT) 6 is a standardized evaluation used to assess cognitive function, balance, and symptoms related to concussions. It involves a series of tests and questionnaires to measure memory, concentration, balance, and various concussion symptoms. The SCOAT 6 component specifically focuses on ocular-motor assessments to evaluate eye movements and coordination. This concussion testing in Tampa Bay provides valuable information to guide diagnosis, treatment, and return-to-play decisions for athletes recovering from concussions.

Vestibular Testing

At Blue Wave Concussion Center, we offer vestibular testing to evaluate the function of the vestibular system, which plays a crucial role in balance and spatial orientation, which are affected by concussions. Our baseline testing is crucial for the initial condition of the patient, which can then be compared with the present information after a concussion has occurred. Vestibular testing is a key part of our analysis. Through a series of specialized assessments, including ocular-motor evaluations, positional testing, and vestibular ocular reflex testing, we can assess the integrity of the inner ear and identify any vestibular abnormalities. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to tailor individualized treatment plans to address vestibular dysfunction and facilitate the recovery process for individuals who have experienced concussions or other balance-related issues.

A child doing balance testing and baseline concussion testing for comparison in case of future concussions in Tampa Bay.

Sway Testing

Sway testing is a valuable tool used at Blue Wave Concussion Center to assess an individual’s postural stability and balance control. This objective assessment involves measuring sway patterns and movements using specialized force platforms. By analyzing the data collected during the concussion testing in Tampa Bay, our healthcare professionals can identify any balance deficits or abnormalities that may be associated with concussions or other conditions. Sway testing provides quantitative data to guide treatment decisions, monitor progress, and determine when it is safe for individuals to return to their regular activities. We can also compare information from the patient’s initial baseline testing to their test results after a concussion for an accurate assessment.

A child seeing a doctor for baseline concussion testing prior to concussions Tampa Bay.

Vision Testing

At Blue Wave Concussion Center, vision testing plays a crucial role in our comprehensive assessment of individuals with concussions. We employ a range of specialized tests to evaluate various aspects of visual function, including visual acuity, eye tracking, depth perception, peripheral vision, and visual processing speed. These tests help identify any vision-related deficits or abnormalities that may result from a concussion. By addressing these visual impairments through targeted therapies and interventions, we aim to optimize recovery and enhance overall functioning for our patients.

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Blue Wave Concussion Center is here to support your recovery and provide comprehensive concussion assessments and concussion treatment in Tampa Bay, tailored to your needs. Don’t wait to address your concerns—schedule a consultation today. Our team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to helping you regain your well-being and get back to the activities you love. Whether you require baseline testing, ImPACT-certified testing, Brainscope EEG testing, or other specialized assessments, we are ready to guide you toward a personalized treatment plan. Baseline treatment is a vital precaution for anyone involved in sports and activities that have a risk of concussion. Act now to have this information on record so that you can receive immediate and accurate medical care in the event of a concussion.

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